SDG Hackathon 2019
Participants will create the maximum number of implementable topical tasks solutions (global or within their country) for one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including corporate social responsibility (CSR), using modern technology and data analysis.

Solutions should be implementable and based on data analysis and existing technologies with focus on:

1) Public service government
2) Civil Society
3) Private sector/ Business

Hackathon Tasks
Bring together the best solutions from future leaders around the world to ensure SDGs basing on best international practices
Create a platform for the free exchange of ideas and project intentions between students of various programs, educational institutions, different countries.
To provide cross-cultural integration of the future elites of various countries in an open competition of creativity, consistency and awareness the global problems solutions
1) The number of team members - from 2 to 5
2) The age of team members – from 18 to 28
3) The team should have a name and define the SDGs of top priority
4) In addition the team can have a mentor who represents the team
5) Any company or individual can become the teams' sponsor
Who can participate?
Our AI-adviser
Its fun, its fun, its fun. And you will meet new friends and will visit Moscow. And all participants on 4th stage will receive certificates from RANEPA and PRME UN. BEST teams will receive prizes.
Why to participate
Our robo-friend
Hackathon Stages
15/03/19 - 01/06/19
On-line stage
The teams present concepts of their solutions in the video format Justification with the calculation of their project.

The video should be no more than 5 minutes and describe the project team's idea as much as possible, as well as the presentation of the team members.
Jury work
Selected projects according to criteria of feasibility, efficiency and creativity are invited to the offline stage.
Project development
The selected teams receive a mentor to work out the project and are invited to attend the on-site stage.
Full-time stage
Teams participate in master classes from experts, personally meet with mentors and complete their project. Present the project to the Hackathon jury.
One of the teams will receive a special prize from Deloitte - an internship in the company.
Other teams will receive prizes from partners!

Our experts
Andrey Korshunov
Co-founder, giveback
Timofey Golovin
CEO NUMA Invest. Partner & Corporate service director Winno Moscow
Elena Nikitina
Open data evangelist, Head of projects at Geoscan
Ivan Kukhnin
Director, Sustainability services leader in Deloitte CIS
Bulat Kaliev
Head of Blockchain lab in Deloitte CIS
Marina Vashukova
Executive director of the UN Global Compact Local Network Russia
Aleksei Kulikov
Co-founder, giveback
Strategic partners
Information partners
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